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Auction Brokers

Interested in buying a vehicle from Auction? We ease your bidding process and facilitate the shipping to your desired location.

It’s easy and cheaper with our experienced executives, reach out to get started. 

Buy Smart - Spend Less

We provide buyers an online platform to pick their choice vehicle(s) while we provide registered clients with best options for  bids online.
Vehicle locations differ and could impact quality and cost of auction purchases, so reach out to get best guide.

RoRo & Container Shipping

Cars can be shipped overseas in a container or by roll on / roll off shipping.
Our team can advise you on the availability of shipping to your desired destinations, and determine whether RoRo or container shipping would be a more convenient or cost-effective option.
Our shipping partners ship USA to Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin-Republic)

How it works

Simple, submit a request, get a quote, connect with us to finalize paperwork, make payment, relax and take delivery!

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We take away the hustle, time and energy needed to search for a Truck. 

Connect with us, chat, email or reach to discuss your delivery points.   

Shipment Cost Overseas

The cost of shipping a car overseas depends on the country of origin, the import taxes in the country of destination, the value of the car and many other factors. Fill out the contact form below to get a free estimate.

International car shipping and insurance

We offer and facilitate customized solutions to ensure you can get your delivery on time and safe.
Our shipping partners can ship your vehicle RORO from many countries including the UK, Belgium, Germany, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and many others.

Find out more about insuring your international move here


We take away the hustle, time and energy needed to search for a Truck. 

Connect with us, chat, email or call us to discuss your delivery points.

Together for Success

Our Team is prepared 24/7 to negotiate favorably on your behalf, guaranteed to secure a demestic transport vehicle driver pickup within shortest possible time.

Auction Brokers!

Interested in buying a vehicle from Auction? We can also bid for you and ship to your desired location.

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Really glad coming across your company online. The bidding and purchase was stress free. Got my 2013 Toyota 4Runner for $7250. Thanks YU-PICK.
Agbasi E
I bought my 2016 Toyota Tacoma for $10,400. YU-PICK you guys rock! Fast and transparent bid process, easy shipping too.
Lawrence N
Thanks to YU-PICK! Got my 2005 Ford E150 Econoline Van for just $1500
Emeka C

Our Transport System

Our services are quick and with great value, designed to cut cost and time while bridging the gap between truckers and shippers nationwide.


We cover domestic transportation, and international vehicle shipments. 

About us

We are Auto brokers, supporting auto logistics and  bridging the gap between customers, truck drivers, dealerships and shippers. Our team of experts provide competitive solutions at affordable prices.

As licensed broker, we can help you buy cars from auction dealerships nationwide, with pickups and international delivery available through our shipping partners.

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